Vacuuming. I can’t say it is my favorite chore but there is something gratifying about seeing all the junk you sucked up. Add to that, a dog that has skin issues and sheds like a mofo and a toddler with a messy streak (his father just cringes me at typing that) and we need some good vacuuming tools.

We have a Dyson Animal for the majority of the house. It works for us but it isn’t the most portable. When there is a pile of sand from Landon’s shoes or the dog managed to track in mulch, lugging that thing downstairs is the last thing on my mind. We have always been in the market for a smaller vacuum to clean up the messes on hand. We have been through a few options over the years from simple dustbusters to small battery operated joints. They have all had their faults.

So a couple of weeks ago, the lovely folks at Oreck contacted me and asked if I would be interested in not only a quick vac but a steam mop, their Grab-It & Steam-It. I said, HELLS YEAH and quickly received this bad boy to get my instant gratification on. My OCD husband also drooled a little…we are some sick folks.

Steam Mop

Now to lay down some facts, we have laminate in our kitchen. I can’t steam mop it…with any product so that isn’t a set back of the Grab-It and Steam-It…just our situation. So I loaded it up (super easy to do) and headed over to my in laws who have all hardwoods and currently 2 messy dogs(mine included). I steam mopped a small portion of the kitchen to see what this puppy could do. It was really easy to use. Like I kept thinking I was missing a step. Add water, turn it on and go. It steamed up grimey puppy feet from the main foyer like a champ. The pad then could be removed and tossed in the washer. And no chemicals to hassle with or worry about for kids and pets. Just simple hot water. I can’t say I have steamed mopped much in my life (hmmm probably never) but this seemed like a great product for it and so easy to use. Hopefully our next house will have more hardwoods so I can use it!

Turbo Broom

This is where I spent the majority of my review. I did a first pass of our kitchen since Jack has been living with my in-laws for a month, the dog hair has been WAY less. I was shocked to see how much was really left on our floor with swiffering and quick vacuuming with our previous quick broom (for a couple of weeks!).

Exhibit A

Still hair and junk everywhere. Also, the little reservoir is easy to open and clean out. You could also wash it out in the sink if you needed. Much better than the bag types we have had before.

But for my big test, I broke out the big guns. Rice. I have written before about one of Landon’s favorite activities with rice. He loves it but boy does it make a mess. I usually put him in his high chair to contain most of it but this time I set him up in the middle of the kitchen with a cup of rice and things to pour into. I sat back and watched.

45 minutes of pure entertainment!

And then I got to my fun


At least half a cup of rice to find on our camouflage floor. Could it do it?


Now I will say over the past week we have found a grain here and there. I think it has to do with it getting at the edges of the floor. The Grab-It and Steam-It can’t get in the crevices. I would say it is one set back. I understand the main part can’t do it due to size but I wish there was a way it popped out into a handheld or had a small attachment to handle that. It would be helpful to get those messes that get into tight spots. Like when the box of couscous tips over and goes beside the fridge (doh!). Overall, it did a great job of getting the rice up with few passes. It didn’t just push it around the floor.

So lets recap…


  • Great pick up with little effort
  • Steam cleaning with no chemicals
  • The steam mop heats up very quickly
  • Reusable pads for mopping
  • Nice and easy to clean reservoir for the broom
  • Low volume while it is running. No giant whirling to contend with Thomas on TV or drive you batty.
  • No battery to wear down when you needed it most
  • Easy to maneuver and has great swiveling action
  • Lightweight. I can’t pick it up with a finger or anything but it was easy to throw in the car and carry around the house. It has to have some weight for the steam mop reservoir.
And then the cons:
  • No battery so you have to lug the cord around (see it is pro/con. I am just fickle)
  • Won’t do carpet at all – it would be nice if it could at least pick up a quick mess on the carpet(crumbs under the high chair). This is from a predominately carpet home too.
  • No telescoping handle – the machine is pretty tall. It would be nice if it telescoped down to store in the pantry or coat closet better.
  • Can’t get into crevices or up to the edge of the floor.
I can say I am excited to keep it around for cleaning our current floor and hopefully a hardwood floored house in our future (everyone send some juju for our house to sell). Especially when Jack comes back to the homestead in a week or so.

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Disclosure: I received a free Grab-It and Steam-It in order to facilitate my review, but as always all opinions are my own. I dumped rice on my floor for it people! Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.

ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED!  Congrats to our winner Trish!!!!!!!!!