New Babymobile!

We bought a new car! We traded the Civic for a 2008 CR-V. I got a little sad pulling away from my old car. I will miss her a lot…and her awesome gas mileage. We got a Glacier Blue EX with gray interior. 4WD and all that jazz. Being the “get it done” kinda family, we did the whole deal of car shopping in a little under 3 hours. I will take pictures tomorrow when it is a light out. Now we just have to pass this new purchase off as just a planning step to the people we haven’t told. And to note, we thought about it long before this…but I needed to take my car in for a check today and we figured we might as well go ahead and do it before mine got any more mileage on it.

Well that is all the excitement for now. I am pretty tired…

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