Captain Planet says….

Here at work, the RFC(recreation and fitness center) is doing a eco-family challenge. It is to help promote green practices in everyday life…beyond recycling and carpooling. Kevin and I are not participating but the families are keeping a group blog to say what they are doing. It is awesome! They have a some good tips and web sites to help keep green. I have used 2 already: – this is the site to get your name off the pre approved credit card offers. I swear we get 1-2 per day at our house. Now I just need to get off these damn coupon mailing lists. – stop getting all those catalogs you never order anything from…and HELLO…it is called the internet!

Also to get a rough estimate of your carbon footprint, you can go here: carbon footprint. It isn’t an exact science by any means, I don’t really like their choices on some questions, but it gives you an idea on what you are doing to the environment. It says here that the average US citizen has a footprint of 20 tonnes…and the international average is 4 tonnes. That is ridiculous! We need to shape up people!

Feel free to add comments to this entry of ways you cut back…it is always nice to know more!

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