Ok so I spoke too soon. Recently Jack has been getting a few random things to tear up around the house when we left. A coupon, a water bottle, for the most part, no big deal. We figured we weren’t giving him enough exercise. So this morning, Kevin got up and ran him for 3 miles, walked him for another and then walked him another .5 miles on the treadmill. The poor pooch looking dead this morning. He would barely lift his head from the floor. So we come home to a beautiful site. He has torn up a hard back book, a coaster(plastic mind you), a CD and jewel case and I can’t find my blue ceramic coaster anywhere. WHAT THE HELL? Well he is going back into the ol’ crate tomorrow. I used to feel bad…but now I don’t care. He hadn’t even TOUCHED his toys…they were in the exact same place we left them. So sorry Jackaroo, you pissed mom off and you are going back in the crate. Damn dog…

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