Movin on up to the south side…

….of the building that is. I got me a window office y’all! I got word last week on Wednesday that I had been approved to vacate my cave and move on up to my pretty new window office over looking the parking lot. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but the corporate economy for the Education Practice is doing so hot, so I take this as a thank you for my work. 🙂 I moved in on Wednesday and it is super swanky. Not only do I now have windows, it is bigger. So I went out to the community garage sale today with Mommy to find some stuff to livin up the new space. I got some fun wine bottles to put in the window to catch the light.

So here is a crappy picture of my office with my phone:
I love change. This new environment invigorates me and makes me work more and be more organized…for the time being anyway.

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