Brandy Where Art Thou?

Sorry its been awhile, so here goes on a rundown of the past 3 weeks. Kevin passed all his tests and became a Microsoft Certified IT Professional. Want to know more about all the nerdy goodness? Go here.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we had some fun times. Billie and Ella had a memorial celebration for Uncle Bill. It was to be a fun affair (because the first 3 letters of funeral are FUN). We had food, bobbing for apples, bubbles, kazoos, and some traditional Mann family speeches. I think Uncle Bill would be very happy with the way it turned out 🙂





We also got to meet Rebecca (Kevin’s cousin)’s new puppy. Her name is Isla and she is a border collie/lab mix. She is just too cute, so of course I had to take her picture too! She played in the fence with Jack and Scout. Jack didn’t seem to pay any attention to her. He was just happy playing alpha dog.


This past weekend, Kevin and I went back to the river. We got some quality time with the Seadoo. Jack also had a nice weekend playing around. I am a very proud mommy because he was such a good listener. We played a lot of Frisbee and he brought it back and didn’t run off. He did some swimming but not as much as when Scout is there to push him. We took a ride in Richard and Cathy’s new swanky boat and went out to Fish Hooks for dinner on Saturday with them. Good times.

So fun fun fun. We are going back to the river this weekend to catch some more rays…and just relax.

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