Ramble On…

I know I haven’t posted much…but I feel my life isn’t exciting enough. I could tell you about my day, but I don’t think you really would care. So I figured I would ramble about random things.

OK first off…I am officially tired of hearing about Brett Favre. You, sir, are a super hottie but you are getting on my last damn nerve. I know it is the media doing it, but if this turns out to be the year of the Favre, I think I might cut back on watching the NFL. Now poor little Aaron Rodgers can breathe a little more….not easy mind you…but at least that is out of the way. If the Jets have a horrible season, I am going to laugh and laugh.

Now my next annoyance of the week is the issue with the bio-defense lab possibly going in to Granville County. To catch up you out-of-towners on the dealio, the US government is looking to build another bio-defense lab. A spot in Granville county is one of the possible locations. The entire county, and surrounding areas, are up in arms about this. The talk about how it is dangerous to the people in the town. OK people…do you realize how many of these type places exist across the US? Also, why are you so high and mighty? If you think it is so dangerous, why don’t you protest the concept in general, instead of sending to another city. UGH. The other argument is that it would make them the target of a terrorist attack. Ok let’s count how many other major targets there would be in the general vicinity. 1) Sharon-Harris Nuclear plant 2) Fort Bragg 3) RTP. Also to educate you city folk, in Lenoir NC, there is a company called Greer Labs. They make allergy medications and testing. You know what else they have? A contract with the government to create AND store biological weapons. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. We even went on a field trip to the lab (the allergy part) in our biotech class in high school. So stop whining and take the jobs and revenue that your county needs.
Next up…Mann Family Reunion. So last weekend, I was asked by Kevin’s uncle to come with him to a meeting about a Labor Day party at the river. Since I am the webmaster, I could take notes and post them later. Well when we get there…it isn’t just the usual pot-luck party…T.J. has organized an entire reunion….weeks before…without filling anyone else in. He had already sent the letters out to the REST of the family…with the wrong date. Lovely. So now I have been roped into this mess. Granted, I could sit back and just take notes and let it go…but I am too controlling. So I made up a new webpage and typed up a CLEARER email to the actual family hosting the event. Ugh. I hope this isn’t a disaster.
Jack seems to be completely healed up from his crazy allergic reaction. Last week, the poor boy was so itchy…and his back leg had these huge hives. So he went to day care and we had them check it out. He got pumped full of antihistamines and steroids. The glazed over look is just so pitiful on a little boy, but he seems to be getting better and we can taper off his meds.
Well I guess that is all for now. We are going to the river again this weekend…so I will see you on the flipside!

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