Adventures in HD

Soooo we finally broke down and decided to get HD. With football season starting Thursday (OMG), we didn’t want to have another year of cursing at the planes each Sunday when they fuck up our HD signal over the air. Kevin called DirectTV a few weeks back and setup an appointment for the install/upgrade on Thursday of last week. The window was from 8-12, so Kevin worked from home in the morning and waited. And waited. After various phone calls, the man shows up at about 12:15. He starts to replace the dish and realizes it will have to come out from the deck a little more so he will need to put in a post. Fine…no problem. Then he says he has to put it in cement…ok, once again, fine. THEN he asks where Lowes is located. Dear Lord! After that fun, he proceeds to show no knowledge of anything. Kevin asks where the HDMI cable is, and the man looks like Kevin is speaking in tongues. “How about a component cable?”….*blank stare* About 2, DirectTV calls and asks how the install went. “Well…it’s still going” Kevin explains. “You mean the technician is still there?” She then proceeds to get the guy on the phone and say God knows what. Rolling around to 3 and he still can’t the HD signal in the house. He calls his supervisor! Luckily he was over on Ebenezer and says he will come over…at about 4. So I leave work at 4:30, go to the grocery store and pick up Jack from daycare and THEY ARE STILL HERE. I then have to walk Jack for another half hour until they are gone. They pulled out of the driveway at 6pm. Great googily moogily! This shit better be TV crack!

Well I am happy to report HD is awesome. And with HD service, we get onDemand which is pretty neat. Did I also mention that we are getting it for free!? Apparently a week before the install, Kevin called to ask something and the woman explained that because of our outstanding account status(we pay our bills…go figure), we get a year of free HD service! Then on Friday, Kevin calls and complains about the ordeal with the install and we get 3 free months of Showtime (yup Dexter season 3 *squeal*) and 3 free months of Starz! On top of all that, we just signed up for their credit card (good rewards) and we get $5 off each month for a year on DirectTV. That means we are paying less on our bill for more stuff…at least for the next 12 months. So needless to say, we have DVRed our little hearts out. Last night we watched Ratatouille and it looks AMAZING! I think Kevin is hypnotized by the ESPN channels and I can’t wait to watch all kinds of goodness on Discovery.

So there you have it internet….super awesome HD….it is my new drug.

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