Mann Chick Weekend!

Ok so I am a week behind. I have been busy at work (my usual posting time) and haven’t had the energy once I get home. Anyways, last weekend I headed down to the Pungo to participate in the Mann girls weekend. It ended up only being a few of us but it was a TON of fun. I was actually kinda surprised. I am ready to do it again. The fun started on Saturday morning where we all met at Ella’s house for breakfast. We had yummy yogurt with fruit and granola and farm fresh eggs from the Powell’s down the street! Then we set off on a power walk and chat. After we got back and cooled off, we started jewelry making. I made 2 new necklaces that I really like. Karma and Sarah were grateful enough to share their supplies. Around lunch we headed back over to Ella’s and had some yummy homemade vegetable beef soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. We stuck in a movie or two and started on our primping time. We did nails and facial masks and concluded with good ole girly makeovers. I provided a lot of the makeup and primping supplies and did most of the makeup. Check out the handy work:


After the primping, we went out to the local cafe in Belhaven for wine tasting and dinner. The place is a wine and book store with a small cafe attached. They have themed menus each month and this month was French. So we had French wine and cuisine. The owners are so sweet and really like to see people outside of the usual Belhaven crowd. I had fresh crab cakes and scallops. I even bought a bottle of the wine we had. After that, we were all so stuffed, we headed back to sleep for the night. Sunday we worked on designing onesies for Kimberly who is due in January. Billie got the pictures of the creations but I haven’t gotten them from her yet. Anyway, I hope we can do it again. Maybe we can at least have a little bit over Thanksgiving with all the Mann Clan. Yay!

Here are my pictures from the weekend:
Mann Chick Weekend

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