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Hello Internet! I am taking some time off this week for the hell of it before Thanksgiving. It is fun being lazy! The Jackster and I are having some good bonding time. And by bonding, I mean me laying on the couch and him laying in front of the gas logs. My goals for today are wash Jack, go running, and wash the sheets. Easy peasy. Anyway, here are some ramblings I have been thinking about lately.

So the ladies at work convinced me to start reading the Twilight series….and holy hell it is like freakin crack. I have read the first 3 so far but trying to savor the time before I move onto the 4th. Anyway, Jen convinced us to go to the midnight showing of the movie on Thursday night. The experience was a lot of fun…the movie however, not so much. Sorry to ruin that for anyone. I won’t go into detail but I will help you save $9.50. Just look at this picture for 90 minutes. However, I do recommend the books. Easy reads and definitely entertaining.

Moving on, we finally got the band kit for Guitar Hero World Tour…so now I have to work on the drums and mic. This should be interesting. I would just like to thank Circuit City for being such a crappy store that no one shops there. So far, Kevin and I are horrible at the drums…it is pretty pathetic…but practice makes perfect right? It is also nice to be able to buy more songs online to play.

Holy moly the Pack won! Honestly I was reading and Kevin had switched to playing games over half time and we lost track of time. We turned it back on and about fainted at the 41-10 score. Way to go big red!

Well we are heading to the river on Wednesday for Thanksgiving with everyone. That is always fun. Hopefully we will have decent weather. I have 4 books in the queue to read, so more relaxin before the panic of Christmas shopping sets in. Have a good one!

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