Today is a good day

Reasons today is a good day:

  1. Today is our 3 year anniversary. We went shopping Saturday for our gifts. Last night Kevin brought me flowers from the store when he went to make dinner. Tonight we are going to the Angus Barn as a treat from Ray and Deb! I am eating tofu and veggies for lunch just so I can save up calories.
  2. Today is birthday day at doggie daycare. When I dropped Jack off this morning, they asked if it was ok for him to have treats because they had treat bags for one of the dog’s birthdays! So exciting. Also note to self to take treats when it is Jack’s birthday.
  3. Today I found out the results of my run on Saturday. My time was 29:11! But even better, I placed second in my age group! Hooray! I was only 2 seconds behind #1. I blame it on all the slow people at the start.
  4. Today I am wearing my new boots and they are super comfy and cute.
  5. Today I bought my ticket for the midnight showing of Twilight next week. Now I just have to finish the book.

So internet today is a good day.

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