Happy 10 Weeks!

Here is the update from baby center. I hope everything is going ok in there little one. I am still nauseous off and on throughout the day, my boobs are still like rocks, and I am still having to pee at night. Hopefully those are all good signs. On the belly front, I don’t think I have much of anything. If anything, I just have the usual pudge around the middle. Before pregnant, it would come and go depending on the workout I did that day or something like that. Now it never really goes away. I can tell that my lower abdomen is a little harder and not as flat but I don’t think anyone but me would notice. If baby center is right, I sure can hide a grapefruit! O well. Nothing much else to report. O I crave fruit. I went last night and bought tons of it. Speaking of….its banana time!

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