My new love/past time is the new Genius feature in iTunes. I remember when I installed it and thought “o cool it can suggest things I might like on the side”. That was nice but I already get a lot of my music from listening to XM and hearing those bands. Well Carmen was talking about playing with how it would make playlists and how she thought it was pretty good. I came home and WOW. They really do some good data mining. Basically you pick a song you like and hit the Genius button. It will then propose a playlist of 25 songs that you have that it thinks are similar. It is AWESOME. You can delete out rogue ones you don’t like and then if you like it, you can save it. I am fascinated with just seeing what it will come up with. The nice thing about it is that you get older songs that you may have forgotten about. We have over 6000 songs on the machine, so this happens a lot. It made me a great workout playlist with stuff I haven’t listened to in a long time. I highly recommend. BUT WAIT! There’s more! Kevin got me a new iPod classic for Christmas and it has Genius built in! I can do it on the go. I am a happy girl! Well happy iPoding everyone!

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