There is an invasion in my uterus. Do you SEE the creepy alien eyes? Weird. But I am happy to be able to see Thumper! We had our monthly appointment yesterday and everything went swimmingly. The doc tried to find the heartbeat with his doppler but couldn’t. I think he was a little more paniced that I was. I knew it was there because I just heard it on Saturday night. I figured Thumper was just turned funny. So since he couldn’t hear it, we got a suprise ultrasound. I rewarded the baby with a tangerine dum dum for the aversion!

The other good news is my NT scan results! Apparently someone was supposed to call me but didn’t . Dr. S was not happy…I figure someone will get torn a new one. I figured they were waiting until the appointment and if it was bad, they would have called. Well he pulled them up to give me the results and he said, and I quote, “I think these are the best results I have ever seen….wow”. Now since we are so young and healthy, our risks are low right off the bat. So he said for a ball park, I would have a 1 in 900 risk for down syndrome and 1 in 1500 for neuro defects. Well after my results from the NT, the baby is a 1 in 17,800 for downs and 1 in 33,000 for the others! Holy moly! As my mother in law put it, “he/she is already an overachiever like mom and dad”. That was great news and THEN when he was trying to find the heartbeat, he was making me lay different ways and put up my knees and then said my stomach muscles were so tight, it was hard to do much :)! HA and I was giving myself a hard time for skipping pilates last week.

Anyway…good days. My cold is going away but I think I am getting hormonal headaches about everyday. Doc said it was normal…just sucks. But I can live with it..just might have to lie down in my office for a few minutes in the afternoon to get it to go away. Whoo hoo.

One thought on “INVASION

  • February 18, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    very strange eyes…but still very cute in a weird alien way!


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