It’s A Boy!

Had our 18 week ultrasound on Monday and we got an eyeful of baby boy parts! I was just as excited to see his little organs and fingers. The tech showed us the chambers of the heart, the kidneys, the spine, the fingers and toes. He was moving his mouth and waving all around. He measures about 7 oz and right on track. I got a ton of pictures and left with a big ole smile. Here are the other pics(not all are of his junk):
Little Mann

I immediately went to work and ordered the bedding I had been eyeing. It is on clearance at and it was so cute but not overly baby looking. I will post the pattern once it is here. I am a little nervous because after I ordered, I looked again and it was then out of stock. Maybe I got the last one? I sure hope so. I also left work with a bag of onesies from Anissa and came to work today to more stuff from Jen :). Gotta love the boy mommies club!

Well next Monday is my monthly appointment…we shall see how much weight I have gained 🙂

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