My new bed mate…

Now with a bed full of boys 🙂 and me…we have a new bed fellow…THE SNOOGLE! I got him as a surprise birthday gift from Debora…and man is he sexy…in a cuddling, turd shaped kinda way. I present, the Snoogle:
As you can see, it is a giant shaped body pillow to support your back(by putting something between your knees), you head, your belly once it is bigger and keeps you from rolling onto your back. Then you can turn over and wrap around it….also apparently you can use that side for breastfeeding as well. You can also fold it all kinds of ways to relieve others ailments(hemorrhoids, back problems, etc) . My only problem so far is that it takes up so much room under the covers, that I am fighting to hold onto the side of the sheets(which have always been a little short). O well…I figure I will be hot enough soon enough and won’t want it :). Anyway, I had read about this pillow even before I was pregnant but I felt the price was more than I wanted to pay…but apparently Joelle came to the rescue! She and Joey recommended it as a gift :). Thanks Websters! Now if I can get it back from Kevin, maybe I can get a nap 😉

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