Nursery…step 1

Well I figured I would vocalize my plans for the nursery here. So far we have painted walls, crib bedding and a crib. Voila! My “theme” is numbers and letters and the colors are blue and brown. I found the bedding made by Dwell Studio for Target on clearance for $27 and $7 for the crib skirt. Also to note, I ordered it the day we found out he was a boy and by that afternoon, it was out of stock. I think I got the last one! Anyway, I then did some searching around for design ideas and I found this awesome mural. I plan to mimic the idea with the bedding I have. I have 2 designers at work giving me pointers and others volunteering to help. This is hard work! I am also looking for a dresser and rocker. Furniture is freaking expensive. To note, we got the crib from Target. It was available in store so I could get it easily and take it back easily. It was rated as second pick on consumer reports and has a lot of reviews on various websites. People complained of the time it took to put together and that it was confusing….apparently they didn’t go to engineering school. It took us about 30 minutes and we had no problems at all. Here are the shots of the nursery I have so far.


Nursery before(as guest room):

Nursery after step 1:


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