Dear Thumper: Week 21

Dear Thumper,

Hi. I’m your mom :). I am sure you have heard me by now. I am the one with the high voice and providing you with limitless Lucky Charms. You sure do like sweet carbs (well at least that is what I am telling everyone else). You seemed to like the oatmeal I had last night because you let daddy feel you. He has the bigger hand. We were very excited to feel you move…we didn’t think we would for awhile. It made for a great night. You are an active little guy!

We can’t wait to meet you. Your family is super excited too. They have been sending you all kinds of gifts! Aunt Michele is even looking for some shorts for you to match hers. Daddy spent a long weekend painting your room. He was extra careful and it looks great for you. Mommy and her friends are working on a big mural for your room too. I hope you like it. We love you very much…even your big brother Jack. He is the one with the loud bark. He likes to take his toys into your room…I think you guys are going to get along great. Maybe we can get him a saddle for you .

We hope you are happy in there. You don’t seem to be taking it out on me if you aren’t. Sorry for the short torso…you can blame grandma for that. If you get hungry, just let me know what you want…I am really good at eating. Speaking of, I probably should go now and get some lunch…broccoli quiche today. I hope you like it. If not, you know the drill….just make mommy hate it 🙂

Love you,

(21 weeks 1 day)

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