Dear Thumper: Week 24

Dear Thumper,

Ok so I am really running behind on this one. Tomorrow you turn 25 weeks and I am just now writing Week 24. SHEESH! Last week was very busy. Mommy has to get her stuff squared away so she can spend time with you when you get here! You even gave mommy a little scare last week when you didn’t move much. But I got home and hooked you up to the monitor and you were thumpin away. I guess you were just tired. Last night I felt you make a solid movement across my belly…not just a single kick. It was fun…you should do that again so daddy can feel. No rush though…soon enough you won’t be able to move around very much.

This weekend was your first trip to the river. We did lots of relaxing and playing with the doggies. Uncle Jeff and Aunt Johanna got you a Woodstock shirt! It is very cute and we can’t wait for you to wear it. I got to wear my new bathing suit to show you off in :). I also got some sun to help you not think I am a vampire when you come out.

Well hopefully I can write your next letter before the weekend!

Your Slacker Mom

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