Ramblings of a slowly expanding lady…

I have compiled small things to blog about but nothing to make a decent post…so guess what internet? You get them all!

First off, I found a glider! Hooray! And oddly enough, it is really comfy, a good brand, reusable AND not super duper expensive. Let me preface with the fact that these chairs all seem to be redonkulous on price. What is even more insane is that you still are paying A LOT for ugly ass chairs that you would never use under any other circumstance. You know the type. Oak wood frame with some yucky cushions. Here is a picture to jog your memory:
Gross! I am sure it is comfy but DAMN that is awful. Now the baby crap world has finally figured something out. “Why don’t we just make normal chairs that glide and then people could use it past the first few years of a kid’s life?” AH HA! So I started looking at these…and found that most of the time, they wanted TONS more for them when sold in a baby type store! So it was looking like I was going to have to go the expensive ugly route…BUT THEN I happened by the Furniture Market over near the house and found an awesome, comfy chair for a decent price! Not labeled baby…so I got a better deal. Behold:
Of course I don’t want green but I plan to go pick out fabric this week. Something to minimize Jack hair and spit up milk stains. So YAY. We have a chair to put in a living room/den/whatever later on. And special thanks to my mommy for getting it for me. It hope to have many happy times in it 🙂

Next up…craft projects. I have quite a few to complete. 1st, I have decided against the full wall mural. There were multiple reasons for this. 1) I brought home a projector from work and realized I can’t get it to project the whole wall…so I would have to do in sections 2) If we move in a year or so, I would be sad to leave it 3) I couldn’t paint anyway so I would have to beg and borrow manual labor 4) My original design wouldn’t work with the furniture covering up most of it. Now I plan to do a set of 3 large prints with the pattern of the bedding but highlight the largest letter to spell his initials(which we haven’t picked all of yet). I have designed the prints in Photoshop and can have them printed on large scale at Kinkos for $7.50! Then just frame and mat them. Voila! I want to do them rather large and square, so I may have to make the frames custom. If anyone knows of a place for square frames in like a 18″x18″ size(or around that)…let me know. My other projects include: making my own mobile for over the crib, getting new photos of the family and friends for either a collage or a photo mobile over the changing table. That’s right people, putting on your smiley faces and a bright fun shirt…we are having photo shoots!

And last ramble, I am getting close to having a popped out belly button. I can tell it is starting to turn inside out. I am oddly excited about this. I always worry that there is gross stuff in there that you can never get out….WELL I CAN NOW. I’m weird…I know. It is the little things.

O and baby boy must be feet down today…he is kicking the crap out of some organs down there.

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