So I totally forgot to chronicle registering. We went a couple of weeks ago with Joelle and Leah. She came along to help us with stuff she uses and doesn’t. It was a great tutorial and I would have never known to register for some of these things. I highly recommend this buddy system :). Thanks Joelle! Now we still registered for some silly things but we tried to keep it simple. We got double of a few things because of needing things at the river and at home. We only want to tote but so much stuff…and a baby…and a dog. So if you see it, we aren’t being greedy or made a mistake :). Anyway, I think we are done with all that mess. I can’t say it is that exciting….but I did a lot of reading before hand and knew pretty much what I wanted. I am also not going all Nazi on getting the BEST of everything….because you can never tell the angle on the people saying it is “THE BEST”. Enjoy!

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