Dear Thumper: Week 27

Dear Thumper,

Welp kiddo…you are already a bundle of wiggles. I need to get daddy on getting that video camera so I can record you squirming around in there. I swear last night you didn’t stop moving for like 2 hours. Hope you are having a good time in there! But I have to warn you….you are making daddy pretty anxious. First he thinks I am squishing you and that it is making you mad and then he is just too darn excited to wait for you to get here. I told him you need to grow some more. We found that you like us humming SNL digital short songs at you last night. You would kick at daddy when he did it. I can’t really get that close to you because of these feed bags I am growning for you.

Your room is almost done. Grandma ordered us a chair to snuggle in. Once that is here, we are pretty set. Daddy and I need to pick out your name so we can finish up your art. I also got you a pack and play to sleep and play in already and Leah is letting you borrow her stroller. We are really starting to collect some gear!

On an exciting note, I had my glucose test and I don’t have gestational diabetes…so we get to eat all the lucky charms we want! We are almost in the last trimester and now we get to see the doctor every 2 weeks. I don’t think that will be too exciting but at least we can make sure you are doing well.

Now goal for next week, lets keep growing together and keeping the mommy discomfort to a minimum. You get a gold star so far….

Love you kiddo,

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