Dear Thumper: Week 29

Dear Thumper,

I know you can’t count yet but yes..mommy missed last week but she had a very good reason….we went on vacation! You, me, daddy, and Jack went to the river for a long needed break. You and I did a lot of lounging around and playing with Jack. It was very relaxing and you did a lot of moving. Daddy even got mommy a brand new fun island to lounge around on in the water. You are getting so big. Apparently you are already 2.5 lbs and 15 inches long! You have had your feet in my ribs most of the day today! We are going to see Dr. Seidel this week and hopefully I can find out what those little flutters are in there. Talking to Miss. Lee Ellen, she has the same thing…so I think it is just you little boys and your shenanigans.

Well little boy, we love you and you just keep cookin in there.


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