State of the Mommy Address

I have to admit that I started this blog thinking I would get to complain about pregnancy and prepare my friends. Well, I don’t really have anything to complain about. I have an ache here and there and I can’t eat crab cakes but whatever. Easy peasy. I have had 2 people ask me this week if I was ready for this to be over and have this baby out…and you know what? No! It is too fun right now. So I thought I would start a list of awesome things about being pregnant:

  1. Awesome Dental Scapegoat: We went to the dentist the other week and I was off the hook. First off I didn’t get x-rays…not that it is a pain but I was already in the chair :). THEN I am horrible about flossing but when they checked me, they said “you gums are puffy in a few places but it is probably the pregnancy hormones”. Shazam…off the hook!
  2. People Helping Out my Lazy Ass: The other day I was too lazy to go to the breakroom to get a fork…but it doesn’t matter. People come by and ask if they can get me anything! YAY!
  3. Thick Hair I Always Wanted: Well not “thick” but more of it that usual. It is fabulous…and staying silky smooth all the time.
  4. Bare Skin: Since I am supposed to be the “always-hot pregnant lady”, no one bats an eye at the tank tops and shorts! Not that I really cared in the first place, but then again I wasn’t sporting these giant cans either.
  5. Fountains of Energy: Apparently I am supposed to be all tired and stuff but I am quite the opposite. I haven’t had a sleepy afternoon in 6 months. I get up at 7 everyday and I could still be going at midnight if I needed. I feel like I am on espresso a lot of the time but nope. Like today, I have done a ridiculous amount of work and I am still going full speed.
  6. Stretchy Pants: Do I really need to explain?
  7. Punches to the Organs: I get to feel this little guy all day. That is super awesome.
  8. Baked Goods: A girl at work loves to bake and often brings in goodies to the office…and I am ALWAYS on the invite list to come get some. Cinnamon rolls, pies, cupcakes, cookies…you name it. YUM
  9. Smiling Happy People: man everyone is nice to you…it rocks

Well that is just some I could rattle off right now. I am having a great time.

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