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Well this past Saturday, I had my first shower in Granite Falls hosted by my mom’s friends and my friend Michele. It was very nice, with good food and lots of presents! Deenie made a diaper cake with the softest diapers! šŸ™‚ I will let the pictures do the talkin:

To highlight some unique gifts, mom made a sweater and matching cap. It also came with a knitted bunny! Too cute. She also made him a nice blanket with fun colors (other than blue). I got 2 other knitted blankets, and a set of blankets and clothes with “Little Mann” embroidered on it. Thumper got lots of clothes and mommy got some moola to spend! Grandmama Debora got him a cute dino bank…and we no how I love dinos! Catherine mailed in some cute dino hooded towels and washclothes too!

Other observations of said baby shower:
1. You would think I am the antichrist for not telling people his name. I was just shocked at the distaste people had for the idea. Then people who would keep asking..and are convinced we have told people other than them. Whatever. Readers…We ain’t tellin…deal wit it šŸ˜‰
2. People don’t understand that you can be pregnant and NOT constantly hungry.
3. Baby diapers are so much softer than I thought. Maybe I just haven’t paid attention lately.
4. This was the first group of people to ask about my weight gain. Is that normal? I don’t really care because I am pretty a open person..but it just seemed a little odd. O well. I think it may come from the culture clash of the generations where you were told not to gain weight to one that they tell you to gain.
5. This child will never need another bib. I knew there was a reason I didn’t put them on the registry.

Well it was a fun time and I am so excited with all my new stuff to nest with!

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