Can I start complaining now?

I can officially have some complaints now about being pregnant. Nothing to whine about really…just I am finally a little uncomfortable sometimes. I have alleviated this a little in my own ways. So in no particular order:

1. There ain’t no more room!: When sitting, my boobs hit my belly and there isn’t much room to give there. Also little mann is head down(as of last week) and is kicking me in the boob most of the day. So last week…I gave up on under wire. Standing up, I feel fine but the minute I sit, it just wears on me. I got some nice nursing bras already from the maternity store that are just like more fitted sports bras with no wire. They are fabulous. Also with this, sitting with those bands on my jeans and shorts gets old. Especially after an 8 hour work day and a 2.5 hour car ride to the river. I have also decided to wear pants and shorts sparingly and instead rely on skirts and dresses. I found a nice lot of clothes on the bulletin board and got 3 new dresses!

2. Gigantic boobs – As mentioned above, I went to get more bras. I am now in a letter I didn’t know existed in bra sizes. I also had to get the biggest bathing suit tops they sell at old navy. I officially a fat porn star.

3. Do you pop your collar? – Well I pop my collar BONE. When I am sleeping at night on my sides exclusively, I am wrapping the bottom arm under the pillow. This is great while sleeping but it throws my shoulder out of whack. So when I get up, I can pop my collar bones. It is disgusting but at least I don’t hurt anymore after that.

4. Hungry + things on the floor = heartburn – Not I can’t complain too much about this because people have it much worse but if I have an empty stomach, it seems, and I go to bend over to pick something up off the floor or something, I get a rush of heartburn. It goes right away after that but man does it catch me off guard sometimes.

5. My bladder: the punching bag – This past week I have had some nice punches to the bladder. It makes me cringe everytime. Nuff said

O well. These things are all very minor. I could be way worse. But I just wanted to keep track of the woes from time to time.

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