Dear Thumper: Week 31

Dear Thumper,

No more excuses…Mommy just can’t come up with something for each week. I wish I could come up with something witty and fun each week…but alas…mommy is lame. Well you are really growing. Last week it seemed like I couldn’t grow fast enough to keep you happy. I felt pretty squished for a few days but you seem to have more room now. Right this moment, you seem to be practicing your kung fu on my internal organs. So far they are intact but I don’t underestimate you and your fists of fury.

Last week we also went to the pool for the first time and it was fun. You seemed to like it. I was doing some walking before class and you just were moving all around. I wonder what it feels like to double float? We then went floating this weekend in the river. I put you in the tube and floated …until a mean ole jellyfish stung me in the leg! Just glad it wasn’t my belly.

Well keep growing and we will go see the Dr. on Thursday. Maybe I can find out where you are again!


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