A Few More Shower Pics

I don’t want to go into all the detail of everything gotten and such but I thought I would add a few pictures from the showers:

River shower. Susan threw this shower on July 3rd with all the Mann Clan women and a few others from the neighborhood.This shower was at Deb’s house hosted by Deb, Melody and Libby. It was mostly for the Langdon side of the family and some of my in town friends. This was a cute shirt Melody got us with a Godzilla on it. It also came with matching plaid boardshorts. He is already so trendy 🙂

My work shower at La Shish! They made hand painted onesies and played plenty of games! We got a swing and an assortment of other things from the registry.Yummy shower cake from Sara at work. She copied the nursery theme…and it was DELICIOUS…I love working with creative people 🙂

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