Breastfeeding: A Journey into the Unknown

So here is my obligatory post of the fears of breastfeeding. Ok maybe not “fears” but “concerns”. This may be kinda scattered brained but stick with me.

First I will answer the question of why I am choosing to breastfeed. No one has actually asked me this but I figured it would be a good place to start. Besides all the health benefits, I feel as though your boobs make this junk for a reason right? So why not use it! Also I can make it part of my lifestyle. I am not a shy person or super modest person, so whipping out a boob in public doesn’t really concern me. Plus they make tons of gear to combat that problem. I work in a place who supports it for me to feed at lunch times and be flexible about my hours to work around it. I also feel the bonding of breastfeeding is great….or at least from what I read. Something about the natural process and snuggling seems to be beneficial.

Now, with a new challenge come new concerns. I have now read and listened to enough podcasts that I know it ain’t easy. The resounding comment I hear is “I thought it would just come naturally”. Then these women go on to explain the extreme pain and frustration they had with it. Also you need to start off with a positive mind set. If you say “I will do it unless it hurts”, you are setting yourself up for failure. Not all babies come out knowing EXACTLY what to do…you learn together. So I am trying to load my mind with as many tips and tricks as I can so I can maybe lessen the frustrations on me, the baby, and Kevin for that matter. I have already found out about the lactation consultations at work and our insurance will pay for 1 in-home consult from a professional. I have found the local Le Leche League group and they have seminars on Fridays in Cary for free. I have enlisted a “breastfeeding partner” through a system at work (Hi Jen!). All of this, and I still know I will be a goofy mess trying to figure this out. But I am stating here, that I am in this for the long haul. I know there are humps to get over and I am prepared for them! But for the record, I am a little scared ☺

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