Dear Thumper: Week 34

Dear Thumper,

Hey little fella. Guess what? We are on VACATION! I am up watching the doggies and thought I would write you a little note. This week has been another for firsts. We went on 2 boat rides! Daddy was worried about you getting too bumped around…I call it “conditioning”. We went out with the family to take the kids tubing. We rode up front and just watched of course. You seemed to like it because you were moving around. We also have been floating in the water. We figured you would like that. It was really wavy, so it probably put you to sleep. It felt really nice on a 97 degree day. Daddy tied us to the back of the sailboat so we wouldn’t float away…he is really nice like that. He is very excited to see you soon. We washed a lot of your clothes last week and I think he got even more excited when he helped fold them. We seem to have the essentials for you, so it would be ok if you came a little early. I want you to grow some more though. Dr. Seidel is guessing you will be 8 lbs! A good healthy baby. Next week we will get back to the pool. I know you like that. Mommy starts underwater kickboxing next week! Well see you soon little guy!

Love, Mommy

P.S. We think you have a name…but we aren’t telling just yet 🙂

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