Dear Thumper: Week 36

Dear Thumper,
Hi! Mommy again. I realized I haven’t explained one of your nick names. Your Uncle Walter has dubbed you MOTF or Mann of the Future. The family is very excited to see you! Well I just wanted to get that out so you know…I have a feeling it will stick around for a little while. You even have an insurance policy in that name for now. So there ya go…MOTF…get used to it.

So people are always asking me if you are moving and some ask if they can feel you especially when I touch my belly in public. People like feeling you move and watching you move. Daddy still gets big eyes and super excited when you react to him fluttering his fingers. But I get to feel you all the time…inside and out like no one else. There is something very private about this part of pregnancy and by far my favorite part. No amount of heartburn or general hugeness can take that away. We play tag and sometimes you punch me in the ribs..but it is our special time. I am a little sad to know that I have less than 4 weeks left like this before I have to share you with everyone. I can’t tell you how much I love you…even though I have never seen you.

Ok now mommy made herself cry at work…not a wise option. See you soon!


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