Gettin bigger…

Yeah so I am plumpin up. Poor kid has no room to move. It is quite pitiful. When I awoke on Wednesday morning, I noticed I had an innie and my belly was more down and toward the middle. Not a HUGE difference but I can tell. As the day went on, the belly button went back out but he definitely feels lower. If I move a lot, I get an uncomfortable sensation in the netherregions. So I assume it is him moving his head around. I had my 35 weeks appointment Thursday and all is well. I had the Group B Strep test. Took 3 seconds…so no real excitement there. I will start weekly appointments now. So far it looks like I have been gaining barely a pound every 2 weeks…which seems odd but I figure my body knows what it is doing.

On another note, the Mann clan had a shower for me at the River over vacation. I racked up some sweet swag including our stroller and 2 trash cans! Niral sent us our other pack and play in the main, and Richard and Cathy sent the bouncy seat you can hook your ipod into! Ha…gotta love technology. It was a low key shower and very nice…I loved all the registry buys! I have another shower this coming Sunday with the Langdons and some other family friend’s from Kevin’s side. Mom is coming into town for it as well and we are going to Mommy/Daughter spaing tomorrow. I am getting a prenatal massage! YAY!

Well that is about it. I am finishing up the nursery and will take a video tour of it when complete(btw…we got a new video camera!).

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