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So Landon and I are already sharing….Thrush that is. It is a very mild case. So mild in fact, that the doctor said that if we were bottle feeding, he wouldn’t even do anything about it. But since Landon can (and has) given it to me through my nips, we both are on drugs. Landon has the shaft on this deal. He has to take the oral stuff while I can just wipe it on my boobs. It doesn’t seem painful to him and I only get a small shooting pain every once in awhile.

Oddly enough, I was scanning through my breastfeeding book to look up something and landed on the page for thrush. Kevin was carrying Landon around trying to calm him down and I started noting that I had seen a small white film on his tongue. I think I had just passed it off as milk residue but I hadn’t fed him a bit so I asked Kevin to look. Sure enough…it was there. We got a cloth and tried to wipe it off and it didn’t come off. So I called the Dr. and they were booked but had us come in on a first come first serve basis. We went in expecting to be there for hours, and we were seen within 15-20 minutes. Quick and easy. I didn’t want to be paranoid-first-time-mom…but I also don’t want anything interfering with the breastfeeding. So far we both seem fine.

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