Jeeper Creepers

He can really use his peepers! I know…corny. Anyway, LT loves to look at shapes and stuff. I had also neglected to get him a mobile because honestly, I thought most I found were just stupid looking. The baby perspective was horrible. So I found this online: I made it for him but now (with a little paper, tape, thread, and leftover cereal boxes) just need to hang it. I may need to redo it with high test fishing line but we shall see. It is basic black and white patterns and shapes and I have been using the extra cut outs for playtime and he seems to enjoy them. I also taped some of them to the backseat of the car for him to look at there. Then I even have one in my purse to use as a quick distraction when he is somewhere. I am so prepared šŸ™‚ Here are some pics of it:
And then Landon’s perspective(may need a bigger star):

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