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Well it has been 1 month since I gave birth (well almost…I will be at the river tomorrow = no internet). I kept saying I would post about my condition after he was born but kept putting it off. I figure a 1 month window would work. I will try to do a 6 week postpartum to coincide with my doctor appointment. Thinking of that, why do they wait until 6 weeks after? Seems like they would want to check you earlier…whateve. Anyway, I am doing very well. No more pain at all down below and it looks like everything is back to normal. For something so traumatic, it is amazing how quickly it can heal.

Next up, boobs. They are quite large. I never got engorged(yay) and they are now on a pretty regular cycle and don’t get too full anymore. At first I would have the occasional enlargement but nothing horrible. I don’t know my exact size at this point. My nursing bras aren’t good indicators since they are made to expand. I am going to guess a 38DD-38DDD. Fun. I can now actually just wear a plain tank/shirt to bed and sleep on my stomach without any pain. I say that is pretty good. I can also take a shower and not have to hold them. Before, the water beading down on the nipples was killer…but that is much better.

Now for the flat tire around my waist. That was really weird at first. I felt like I was on one of those gastric bypass shows on TLC. The sagging skin was just funny looking. It started rebounding pretty soon after I got home. It is still weird but not as floppy I guess. Not too bad. The bad part is the stretch marks. I almost made it without them. They didn’t show up until like the last week or so of pregnancy. The skin around my belly button just couldn’t take it anymore. There isn’t a ton and they aren’t super noticeable. I am kinda bummed. I doubt I will ever be comfortable in a bikini again…o well. As Billie put it, I can look at it as Landon scribbling his name on me :). I still have the dark line down my belly but it is getting lighter. I know that they go away eventually. Weird phenomenon. I am still wearing a lot of maternity pants because my hips are definitely wider but they are going down. I got into my PJ pants earlier this that was good.

Overall, I gained 40lbs while pregnant. I can say about 10lbs was in the last month or so. I kinda gave up one eating super healthy because of being tired at night and I couldn’t do a ton of exercise. Plus I was really busy with stuff and didn’t have a lot of time to workout. O well. I almost immediately lost 15 lbs after he was born. I have now gone down about 23 or so….so plenty to go. I think I am still retaining a little water because my engagement ring still doesn’t fit. I hope to be able to run after the 6 week marker. The mornings are so nice and cool now that I really want to already. On our walk this morning, I had to stop myself from jogging. All I know is I will need to invest in some good sports bras ๐Ÿ™‚

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