Sorry for the delay in responses. Just for a quick list of things:

  • We went on our first outing with Grandma last week. We started with just a trip to Brueggers for lunch. LT cried most of the time but we sat in a corner and I rocked the stroller to keep it tolerable. Tuesday we went out shopping and to La Shish. He was great and slept the whole time.
  • I had a lactation appointment at health care on Thursday. I decided to make it my first attempt at taking Landon somewhere by myself. We went in and had lunch with Dad and then visited with my group afterwords. He was GREAT. He slept the whole time except to eat at the appointment.
  • At the appointment, I weighed him out of curiosity and he had gained 11 oz in a week! Man he can eat.
  • We made our first trip to the river this past weekend. The drive down was one big nap and we had some good relaxing time. The drive back was rocky with lots of crying but we survived. He got to meet more of the family and seems to like to ride in the wrap in the breeze.

I have more pictures I am uploading now.

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