Daycare Day 2

BEST DAY EVER! So first off, he slept long stretches Wednesday night. Including a 4.5 stretch between feedings! THEN Kevin went and got him from his crib while I was in the shower and he fell back asleep in our bed and we left him until we left for daycare at 7:45. He went in the carseat happy and I decided to change his clothes and diaper at school. He was super happy all the way to school and NEVER cried and wasn’t sleeping. This was a monumental thing in itself. We got into daycare with no problems. I changed him with happy smiles and lots of coos. Then while I put all his stuff away, he played with his jungle mobile until I fed him. He then went back to playing as I left.

When I got back…I saw this:That’s right…asleep…in his crib! He had been asleep for 45 minutes. THEN she told me this was his 3rd nap in his crib! AND he even put himself to sleep once. YIPPEE! He took his bottle just fine and had lots of fun playing with the black and white mobile (they took it down from the changing table for him to play with on the floor). We then came home to visit with Aunt Johanna and Aunt Rebecca. He then napped on me for a little bit and had a great night. I am one happy mommy!

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  • October 12, 2009 at 5:40 am

    Ain't sleep grand??!



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