Soooo the pursuit for a bottle was not easy. At first we tried Medela(since those are the bottles I pump into). He would get WAY too much milk even with the slow flow nipple and choke himself. Next up was the Playtex vent bottle with a playtex nipple that seemed slower to me. Same thing with the choking and screaming. I then bought Playtex nursers with the liners and we had a winner. I figured it had to do with the drop ins and it supposedly regulates the suck pattern more like breastfeeding. I then went and bought a box of them and brought them home. Tuesday, Deb tried to feed him with one of the new ones and he wouldn’t have it. Fuck. Then I realized my mistake, the original one had a latex nipple(paid no attention when I bought it) and the new set was silicone. Switched to latex again the other night for Kevin and bingo…he was just fine. But even more exciting, I started thinking…”hmmmm I wonder if this same concept will apply to pacifiers?” Landon has fought them from day one but once he gets the rhythm again, he sucks away and it really calms him. Today we went out to BRU and bought some new nipples and a 2 pack of latex pacis and BINGO. He went to TOWN on that thing and I just put him to bed with it in his mouth. It took 3 minutes to calm him down from screaming to sleeping. PRAISE THE LATEX GODS!

2 thoughts on “HOORAY FOR LATEX!

  • October 3, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    Ironically that is the only bottle – that all THREE kids would use for us! It definitely is the closest and best for BF'ing in our experience. I have some new slow flow latex nipples left over and will send them in to Kevin. 🙂 Yay on the paci – none of ours would ever use them 🙁

    It's nice – you can get the drop ins at BJ's etc cheap!!!


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