Well some people have emailed me from my post last week so I thought I would update everyone. Thursday night I took the fabulous Ambien and Kevin took the night duty. It was the best sleep EVER. I remember stirring a few times when Kevin got up but I was right back out. He got me up at 5 to feed him and we all went right back to sleep. I then did a good bit of napping over the weekend since LT’s nights really haven’t gotten much better. I also think the good night of sleep backfired because now it seems I can’t function as well on such low amounts of sleep. My body is pissed off and punishing me.

Anyway, to help out with a little stress, Jack is spending the week with Grandmama, Grandad and Scout girl. He is getting plenty of TLC and grub to fill him up. I plan to call the vet tomorrow to see if his tests have come back that we had sent off. I am sure he is having a blast staying outside and chasing squirrels all day with Scout.

I decided to leave him a bottle for lunch yesterday and I went out to lunch with Anissa. It was a nice lunch and helped me destress. I hope to do more lunches/workouts in the new year. I may go over to see him but I am going to stop trying to always feed him. Especially with the formula, I can just pump more often at work and have some me time. On nice days I can go over and visit and then run in the neighborhood next to it hopefully.

Today Kevin and I went to talk to the peditrician about sleep training to see what we need to do or if it truly is a phase and we just need to ride it out. I am so glad we went..no matter if it works right away or not. It was nice to just lay out what was going on and she could give us advice based on all the cases she has seen. She thinks it may be a little separation anxiety on his part. He is a little young but that is her theory. Most people seem to have the problem with putting their kids down at night…but that has never been our problem…he just wakes randomly. She recommended switching up our bedtime routine so that I am not feeding him before I put him down. So tonight we started the new routine:
1. Nurse
2. Bottle of formula
3. Bath
4. Dry and snuggle
5. PJs & paci
6. Book & snuggle
7. Down with his paci and no patting shushing or anything

He seemed to go down…I don’t know when because I would go up and listen and hear him sighing or squirming but never fussing. So we shall see. It is just nice to have a plan. I will post tomorrow to note the outcome.

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  • December 22, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    Plans ROCK!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Looking forward to the update!


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