So being a Facebook veteran amounted to something…

Well over a year ago, I proposed we make a fan page for Curriculum Pathways(all of you folks who don’t know…this is the product I work on). It amounted to a lot of him hawing and nay saying. I gave up because I knew that beyond that even, it would become a marketing nightmare to deal with…I don’t do well with those corporate folks :). Anyway, recently our director(well not anymore..weird) decided we needed to have a more social media presence…who would have thunk? Anyway, I got nominated to be an admin…so that’s fun. I can see it being a very useful thing and I hope to help make it that way. Anyway, become a fan!

Have no idea what I do? Here is a quick overview. SAS in general makes statistical software(i.e. nerdapalooza). Over 12 years ago, Dr. Goodnight(the CEO) decided to make education his social cause. Google it, he LOVES to talk about. He thinks we need to use technology to engage kids. He created us, SAS Curriculum Pathways…then known as SAS inSchool. It has NOTHING to do with statistics. We are a division made up of teachers, graphic designers, developers, testers and writers. We create middle and high school supplementary software. English, social studies, math, science and Spanish. We have AMAZING talent and create some of the coolest stuff I have ever seen. We win tons of awards too! The killer for so long was that trying to sell in the education system is terrible. They never have money for anything….they can’t even afford books. So last year when the economy was going down the shitter, Dr. Goodnight gave us away…for free…to every teacher/school in the US. While that statement made our department scramble the week before Christmas, it has been great for our company and our product. We have increased our user count to about 35,000 teachers. CRAZY! Anyway, there ya go. Got more questions about it? Just ask. As this post was not baby related, I would like to note the fact that I love going to work because I love my job and the people I work with. I am a very lucky person.

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