Infant Nighttime Routine Win

It is so fun hearing Landon learn new noises. Last week, he magically decided that getting his pajamas on wasn’t complete hell. I turn on his mobile/projector and he squeals with excitement. I think it signals something that it is time to practice. He will SCREAM as loud as he can. He also started making “bwah” sounds. This slowly turns into blowing spit and raspberries. Tonight it was sticking his tongue out and blowing. He was very proud it seemed.

Our night time routine has become so predictable, it becomes a little scary.

1. Go upstairs with Daddy to have tickle time and get undressed. He LOVES it. He just cackles and squeals while he kisses him in the neck.

2. Diaper off and time for bath. Tonight we changed out the plastic baby tub you lay in for the fun inflatable duck tub. It was a huge hit. He actually is sitting in the water and quickly learned to splash.

3. He then sits in front of the mirror on the counter to dry off. Tonight he was so excited to see himself and smack the mirror!

4. New diaper, lotion, hair brush, vitamins, gas drops.

5. Jammies and sleep sack while screaming at the mobile.

6. Chair, nurse, bottle, burp, lullaby

7. Night night

Just like clockwork 🙂

One thought on “Infant Nighttime Routine Win

  • February 22, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    you sound so happy… gone are those early days of hell! 🙂


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