A new love…who knew!

So I recently embarked on the adventure to make Landon’s food. We started him with jars and I quickly saw how much that was going to cost. I also wanted him to try things that don’t come in jars. I started simple..thinking this would lose is momentum. I made peas first. I bought organic frozen peas at Trader Joes and the rest is history. I LOVE DOING THIS! It is so easy and cheap. And I feel all hippy and junk feeding him homemade. We still have some jars in the pantry for when we are running out the door at the last minute(since the homemade is usually frozen solid). So far I have made the following:

Green Beans
Butternut Squash
Sweet Potatoes

One con of this…Landon doesn’t seem to like the homemade peas and green beans. But I did find this morning that he can take them mixed with pears. He LOVES sweet potatoes and squash.

Like I said, it is really easy. Put the pieces in my Pampered Chef rice cooker, add a little water and steam in the microwave for a few minutes (until tender). Then puree and put in the little freezer cubes. Done! Now another awesome outcome of this, we are actually getting use out of the Magic Bullet we bought a few years ago. It works PERFECT for this. Purees in seconds! Yesterday I also tried freezing in just ice cube trays with a lid(you can get at Bed Bath and Beyond). It was great. This morning I just popped them out into a freezer bag.

NOTE: Bananas and avocados don’t have to be cooked. You can just mash them. But you can’t freeze avocados. Also you can get cheap steamed sweet potatoes at SAS and make even quicker food!

Here are some good resources I have used:


– this is good to know what to buy organic and what you can let slide

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