Finger Foods!

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been trying out finger foods. We started with cereal puffs. It was a mess. We would pour them out and he would just stare at them. I swear he would eat anything in our hands…but nah. Then he started trying for them, but would rake them to the floor. Jack approves:
This then developed into getting them in about half of the time. And just in the past week, he has gotten it down pat. I sit him in his chair while I make coffee(so like 2 minutes tops) and he eats all his puffs! This weekend I gave him slices of mango and he knows to put it at the back of his gums and gnaw it down. Then this week, he has been working on picking up peas. He is doing great. He even knows to eat one piece and wait…who knew!?

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