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So I read a lot of pro breastfeeding things. I am a fan of Kelly Mom on Facebook. I am a member of a pumping mom group. Boobs follow me! Anyway, I read a lot of articles posted by these people. Most get me all revved up to speak out for breastfeeding support for mommies and pissed off at the institutions that sabotage the process. The people who say mean things to mom’s feeding in public. I get angry to know I feel like the reason I succeeded was that I was OVER prepared. I feel like I got the help I needed because I knew what to ask for and when to put my foot down for what I wanted. I feel like so many moms had to “give up” because someone made them feel like they couldn’t feed their baby. So many times I heard “well my milk never came in”. They say this on day 2…and I assume because someone told them the baby needed more…and that they weren’t making milk(you don’t for the first few days or week!). You put 2 and 2 together and then “sure feed him a bottle”. Anyway…then I know the other side. The mommies who tried and tried and it DIDN’T work. Those mommies who feel guilty every time they mix formula. Heck I feel bad each time I have to mix it in for his bottles for the day…but I gotta do what I gotta do. It sucks. I was thinking about all of this lately and oddly enough, another mommy blogger wrote about it:

So here is my plea to anyone reading…if you are wanting to know more about breastfeeding, pumping, boob maintenance…anything…ASK ME. I am not shy. If you have a friend who wants to learn more or wants some advice in pregnancy or after the baby is here…give them my #. I feel like being in a very supportive environment (my works girls, family and friends) was a big encouragement. I was pregnant and already determined to make it work. I took the free formula bags and gave it all away. I know that when I have a problem come up, I have a giant network to help me. Take for instance this week! I was in training all week in another building. For a mom pumping 2-3 times a day, you could see where you could make it work…but I pump EVERY 2 HOURS for usually 30 mins! A few weeks ago, I posted to the work nursing group on what other people had done in regards to pumping. I was AMAZED at the people. I had strangers offering me their office to pump. The cafe staff said I could use their fridge. The education staff booked me a conference room for the week! THAT is the support we deserve. We shouldn’t be ashamed of it and give up. I proudly carried my little bag in and out of a room full of nerdy programmers 3 times a day….and I never felt ashamed.

Ok I will get off my soap box now…

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