Tons of stuff!

Yeah life is a little crazy. Every time I think I have time to post, there is another bottle to wash, more food to puree, or maybe I get to eat or sit down! Anyway I will try to capture a lot here….since I am home sick!

  • We made friends! Kevin and I don’t really know anyone in our neighborhood. A couple of years ago, a guy moved in next door and I introduced myself at the time but it never came of much. He was an civil engineer from NC State and a year older than us. Matt was from Franklin, NC and his girlfriend was Anna. I would wave in passing but that was about it. Fast forward a few years and they got hitched and she moved in. Then fast forward again to about 3 months ago when we got a flier in the neighborhood about a series of break ins. One day we came home and they were getting a security system so we decided to give them our contact info. Then we decided to have them over for dinner! Ta da! Now Anna and I walk some nights during the week and they had us over for dinner on the deck last night. We can take the baby monitor and it works in their house. Who said living close was all bad!? Now we aren’t prisoners of our home after 7 pm! So it is all very exicting. We have a lot in common. She is also a civil engineer from State and from Rocky Mount. So her and Kevin share the eastern NC stuff and Matt and I share western. Fun!
  • Landon has his first chomper officially. And according to the pediatrician, he is working on about 4 more right now. So he is a DREAM! 😛 He loves chewing on anything. I have only been bitten once or twice thus far….and the last time I think I scared him pretty bad. Though I hated to hear him cry, I hope that drove point the home and didn’t make it a game!
  • FOOD! He is eating us out of house and home…at 9 months old. He has mastered finger foods and it makes feeding time a lot easier to get other things done. For instance, last night I gave him peas, carrots, strawberries, watermelon, and cherrios and then cooked up some fresh spinach(thanks Ray!) and chopped strawberries for dinner all while he shoved his face.
  • We have a scooter! As of this past weekend, he can roll forward from his sitting position and get on his tummy and then scoot to whatever he wants. Then roll if he needs to. No hands and knees just yet but it isn’t far. We are totally screwed.
  • No more night feedings. I guess around a week ago, we talked to the pediatrician about his current mood and night routine slowly changing gears. She agreed he seemed to be growing out of his 4 am feeding and could do without it. I will make a full post about the whole thing because I think it would be helpful to others. It wasn’t too bad and he is making it all night. He cries out sometimes randomly in the night but it isn’t too long. I think some of it may be teething. Anyway, I stay in the bed for 8 hours…it rocks.

OK picture post up next.

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