The Liquid Battle

So here is my dilemma currently. Landon is being a brat about drinking….be it water or milk. He nurses like a startled squirrel. I am constantly yelling at people to not talk or move when I am trying to get him to nurse. He even hears Jack shake his tags and is all “what? something cool to play with? MUST ABORT!”. Sadly, I feel this is the downhill slope of nursing but I am willing to get over it IF HE WOULD DRINK IT OTHERWISE. At daycare, he is barely drinking 3 oz of his bottles. Yesterday I sent him extra formula to be tried at meal times in his little cup. I accept it will be a mess but whatever…just get the boy some liquid! IT IS 400 DEGREES OUTSIDE! We tried a sippy cup with forumla this morning and he was half hearted….but I can’t tell if it is because it is formula or that he is just being a turd. Some evenings he CHUGS his water…then I feel bad that he wasn’t chugging the milk he needs. BLERG!

On top of all of this, we are talking at daycare of moving him more to a toddler schedule. He is already usually a 1 nap kid there…so they are thinking that if we move him to taking it later after lunch, he will take a longer one. I am all for trying it, but this will jam pack his morning with food and slowly easing out that morning bottle…and once again, he isn’t getting enough liquid. I am planning to wait it out, I think, until his 1 year appointment to talk with her until we start transitioning. For now, we are trying to ease him into having cups of milk with his meals instead of bottles…maybe he is weaning himself a way from them? He does love to drink from my cup…so maybe it is novelty? This is a minor problem in the grand scheme of things but annoying nontheless.


O he is officially moving to the toddler room in early October. Fun fun.

3 thoughts on “The Liquid Battle

  • July 23, 2010 at 9:07 am

    so… what are your expectations in terms of fluids? Around one – milk drops off to about 12-15 oz a day (15oz by 15 months I think) – so he might be actually doing better than you think. It's not 30oz or whatever anymore, at his age. (That's from HC here.)

    He's also at a touchpoint I think – which will TOTALLY impact his intake… just give it a couple weeks to iron back out *once he is RUNNING!!*


  • July 23, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    Last time we talked to the pediatrician..she said try to get a min of 16 oz in him…but you do what ya gotta do. He took cold breastmilk in his sippy tonight and was fine with it. He seems to like everything cold in a cup.

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