Man life is a little hectic right now. First off, Landon turns 1 TOMORROW! Jebus! If it was only just that announcement, I wouldn’t feel guilty for the lack of updates but we went through about a week and a half of moody fussy baby to having SUPER SMART BABY all of a sudden. I guess it was teeth and developmental stuff because he has been happy these past 2 days to levels I haven’t ever seen. He doesn’t even cry when getting his jammies on! Here is a chronicle of things he is all of a sudden doing

  • Trying to put the letters in his fridge magnet to play the music. It was the cutest the other day when he finally got it in there but couldn’t push it to make the sound. But he just sat there dancing anyway.
  • Making new sounds: ‘mama’ and ‘s’ sounds!
  • Playing the “so big” game. We say “How big is Landon?” and he spreads his arms. I am trying to get it on video but it hasn’t worked yet.
  • Standing alone. He lets go of whatever and just hovers…then crouches back down like “ok that was enough for now”
  • Learning to turn his cart. He will run it into the wall and try to pull it back and slide to the side. He usually goes the wrong way but good try kiddo.
  • Books. He is seeming to like paying attention to books. This Thomas book with windows seems to be a hit. I actually read him a WHOLE BOOK without him grabbing or chewing on it this morning.
  • Brushing his teeth. We got him a toothbrush about a month ago and every night he WANTS that thing. I brush his teeth first and he takes the brush to finish up. It is so cute. Then I ask “are you done?” and he hands it to me and we rinse it and put it in the holder.
  • Sharing. He wants us to bite the puzzle piece first and then he does. Shoot the toy in the hoop first and then he does.

On other fronts, I am working on his party this weekend, working by booty off at work(we have 2 developers leaving next week!), making a end of year slideshow(to my specifications…i.e. taking much longer than it should), and trying to live a life….AHHHH.

Hopefully the slideshow will be done soon and I can post and then I can blog about the party!

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