Tellin it like it is

I recently started following a fun young lady of Twitter by the tag @Babe_Chilla. She was dealing with a non-sleeping baby in tweet form. It was heart wrenching reading the tweets in the night about the baby not sleeping, her not being able to sleep and then she was home all day again. I felt the pain. She finally tried crying it out and it worked and it was awesome. I don’t know this girl and I felt sooooo happy for her. She recently wrote a post all about the sleep journey and I cried reading it. I remember it…vividly…and I am glad she wrote it so people can understand….crying it out isn’t mean or hurtful…it’s survival at a point. Anyway, here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

Oh No, Say It Ain’t So! You Did Not CIO!?!

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