Words Words Words

To honor the hilarious Bo Burnham and his new song Words Words Words, I want to report on about LT’s vocabulary…er…things that sound like words :). In the past 2 weeks we have got

  • Ball – all about throwing and keep away. Went to the park and had to keep steering him off the soccer field
  • Night Night – we like to tell Jack Jack Night Night in the bathtub.
  • Mama(though I think he means he wants food a lot)
  • Nana(banana) – we have to hide them in the pantry now…he would see them on the counter and want it…the poor boy would never poop if we kept that up.
  • Boo – cutest thing…very soft little “boo”.

So now we have to watch what we say. Funny…I know.

Other high notes, he has learned:

  • How to blow kisses
  • Hugging(he seems to be picky on this one)
  • How to throw a ball…sometimes he forgets to let go…hilarious
  • How to break it down…his dancing seems to be going lower. I think it is that Bing Da Dip commercial…classic.
  • How much he hates the word NO. Man that boy can throw a fit.
  • How to scoop his dinner. We found that sometimes it is just worth him being disgusting to get him to eat. He is so proud when he can scoop his dinner
  • He loves cars and pushing them around the kitchen floor. He just KNEW one day that he has to play with his cars on the hard floor. It was surreal to watch.
  • That he needs shoes to go outside. He will find his shoes and carry them around and sit down and hold them to his feet

So exciting times mixed with some frustrating times. We just had a horrible teething day recently and that sucked. He got hand foot and mouth and that sucked but he wasn’t too bad…just thirsty from the blisters in his throat. Anyways….that is my quick update. More to blog about including my hunt for an awesome park around town and OUR NEW PORCH. Supposed to be done on Friday…cross your fingers.

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