Work work work

I have so much I want to blog about but I just don’t have time. I am working a lot on our current redesign and it doesn’t show any signs of letting up. With that said, I figure I will give you a quick run down of life

  • We are looking to screen in our back deck…well most of it. We are waiting on the third estimate and then deciding. Not going to be cheap but I think we will really enjoy it and use it way more than we do. I will be sure to take before and afters. Also Kevin noted that the 5th year anniversary is wood…so it kinda fits.
  • Landon has given up on crawling. All walking, all the time. He has great balance and often carries large objects with him. We are going out today to get him his first “real” shoes with a sole and everything. So cute.
  • My only me time it seems anymore, is my fleshed out twitter account. I read while walking, riding the elevator, supervising Landon’s dinner. I will write a post about all the fun mommies and daddies I follow now. Fun stuff. It always make me LOL…every time.
  • We are breaking free of the man…kinda. We are planning to drop Directv and do everything the “free” way. Just pay a small fee for Hulu Plus and Netflix. Kevin has also bought Apple TV and it is to ship at the middle of the month. We have completely sold our souls to Steve Jobs. But no mock turtlenecks for me…
  • We got new shelves from IKEA more than a month ago but I haven’t gotten them decked out like I want yet for a picture. They are giant but they store A LOT. We got lucky that the dimensions were EXACTLY the right size and we now have “kinda” built ins.
  • Gonna copy some of my new tweeps and do a “wordless wednesday” segement each week so it looks like I keep up with life. I still take LT’s photo every day…just have to wait and upload in chunks.

Well I know there is more but we have to spend naptime catching up on DVR…sigh.

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